Skate to Escape

Pack a bag & go skate

Fumble in the Valley 2016 Raw Run

Lewis took a run of Fumble in the Valley filmed by Ry Swanton


Velefique Freeride 2015 – Sketch to Escape

In September we went to Z&G Skatehouse in Spain.
First stop was Velefique Freeride for pack runs, sketch & fun.

Faro – Lisbon Part 3

Day eight

41Km from Vila Nove de Milfontes to Sines, this day was truly beautiful!

From headwind breakfast to cruising miles of downhill, coastal skating & amazing hairpins looking over the beach.


Velefique Freeride 2015 – Dumb & Dumber

Lewie & Frand take the suits out for another run.
This road is hella fun!

Velefique Freeride 2015 – Drift Trikes of Doom

Hermz took a run with Lewie.
The aim being to capture some funny skate faces.
Caught up to the drift trikes…

Skate to Escapes – Thrill hill Freeride

Skate to Escapes Thrill Hill Freeride!
We invited a load of UK longboards to come ride our favourite hill at Ullswater.
13 turned up to battle the hill in all weathers only a few were left to battle it out on Sunday for the race.

Tregz Freeride 2015

After some last minute decisions we made it to Tregz freeride! 🙂

Here’s a few clips from our time riding there.

Lewis & Hermz take a run:

One of Lewis’s tight Race heats:



Fumble in the Valley Race Heats : Andy

January 2014 a downhill skateboarding event organised on the basis of terrible conditions, blizzards, ice & carnage.
Great stuff – big thanks to the organisers! UKDH

Steve Wharton – Long Way Home

Steve Wharton is a singer and songwriter; mainly playing ukulele and writing about travel, mental health and the great outdoors. Check out his songs at and also find out about his campaign walking & gigging across Cumbria in July 2014 for mental health awareness here… and on ITV…

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