This is not a blog.

This is basically all the random scribblings we made throughout our trip in the map book, which probably make no sense but ….

Day 1 – The shortest day, bag free til camp site (about 10 miles?)
Pastis, Steak Frites, Calvados, Sunset.
Matt Black Mini.
France, you’re legendary.


Day 2 – Grand Fort Philipe – Middelkirk
via Gravelines-Loon Plage -Dunkirk …. France = Done.
Hello Belgium.
First full day with hectic weight. 41miles.
Bakery, Frand bailed & burned a hole in the map book – saving his hands – win. super U, lost, blue light po-po, getting changed on a motorway, surprising hills, chaos proms, wine fayre ALMANGAC, random boat ride, bubble butt toilets, MK1 Golf appearing when locked out of camp, KWAK, UV, jupiler, orange almangac ‘night cap'(drank the whole bottle) .

Crazy cold night, windy as hell & roots for days under the tent.
Smashed it.
Day 3 – Middelkirk – Oostberg – ish
43 miles.
Coffee/croissants, spoke to the lady about Flemish, skated a long ass road, Lew got attacked by a rogue astro turf which flew off a passing trailer(!), Frand 2nd bail, tried to go to canal – tunnel – road works, backtracking, cool bridge, bit of DH, canal road, 3rd Frand bail, industrial windmills, abandoned house, stolen sugar, Saw movie/crack den, cruised forever, overtook a bunch of bats, a tanking lorry blew off my hat but i retrieved it from the edge of the canal phew! Old cyclist pissed himself at my misfortune, picturesque skate into Bruges, then carnage! cobbles suck to skate, STARVING 20 miles, 1pm – beer, soup, italian fooooooooood, shit skate out of Bruges, 25mph headwins, crap roads, got sweet cakes (hypo to fuck) sweet church, portaloo party, endless headwind roads, (Oostberg/Sluis) NETHERLANDS! sweet trees/canals, horrible road to campsite. 5 secs DH. sweet site. nice lorry driver. yay showers/sarnies! Almangac. Discussed that we should send postcards but did not send any.


Day 4 – Oostberg (ish) – Zeeland (UGH) – Zierikzie
56 miles, incl. 15ish m bus ride as we couldn’t skate the toll, damn.
Little girl driving the car at campsite  epic showers (like 45mins of bliiiiss) free hot water, bit of rain, packed up in the cold, made the most vile dry sarnies…vom, 100 mile selfie! woot. getting sucked along in lorry drafts (Y) road works everywhere, bakery – crazy pastries, no idea what was in them – cute old man gave me a wink… almost ran off with him, horrid headwind (understatement of the year), tried to go through an industrial estate, denied, backtracking, real nice road through trees, nice cycle paths, saw the bike guy from the industrial est on the other side, couldn’t find the tunnel, spoke to a few locals who said we defo can’t skate the toll not even bikes are allowed… got a misery wagon to Goes, Lewi bought chips and chips by accident (hotdog HAHAHAHAHAHA), Frand had FEBOs, MEGA HEADWIND, Frand got angry, more miles in headwind, Zeeland bridge in headwind. worst skate ever. Couldn’t see either end of the bridge at one point just endless bridge & water, Chilled on the other side in a heap in the sunshine, had a sing song and a giggle at how horrific today had been, went in a portaloo again, went to camp. Best site – awesome guy with a bike and tilly lamp obsession, free beer, perfect pitch, delicious greek restaurant, more beer, ouzo, amazing pub/bar, sailors in a financial crisis, 10% beer sent us west. home for bed!


Day 5 Zierikze – Numansdorp
29 miles today. Total at 184 now.
Lie in  supermarket, tiny trolley (so lols, much hilarity), sarnies in the sun, fairly good roads, went to sea, blue clear water, kids on our boards, jellyfish, bridge (which was trying to move with us on it), meandering over islands/park, so much switch!!! BABY SHETLAND PONY! classic cars, tulips, my back got obliterated, frand/lew helped thought i was gonna have to drop out but UNIIIIIT, waving to traffic, paranoid golfers, over more bridges, cool campsite Volgerland – high security key fob city, nice roads cruise for pizzas, fernandos drinks  bar wifi, barmaid trying our vapes, epic red moon. Discussed sending postcards again.


Day 6 – Klaaswaal – Rotterdam – Delft – The Hague
Today we split up – Lew & Frand skated the full day – 28 miles
I took a bus to Rotterdam, then a train to Delft & skated only 5/6 miles to Risjwik.
Lew/Frands Day 5 notes: flare leg chicken, guy on a bike, mega moat house, TUNNEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! underwater .. saw a skate park, motorbike leaking petrol, fibreglass halfpipe, liftguy, 2nd underwater tunnel, mega cruise ship,, skating through Rotterdam, KOOP, happy guy directing to KOOP, garmin getaway route, floating duck, top hat, uke in the park, skate past a horse, matte black cars, horrid cobbles, along canal smooth cycle paths, met Hermz at the pub, longboard guy!
Herms Day 5: skate to the bus stop, went to Rotterdam, CLUELESS, Saved by Rosemary! LEGEND, sorted me out a ticket… nobody spoke any English but she helped me on her way to school  got to central, bought tickets to Delft, skated round Rotterdam for a mooch, got a HUGE chai latte, talked to Dan Fairclough & he said we could stay at his – WOOP! Caught a double decker train, yeeeeeeeeeew, BIKE CENTRAL  skated into the centre, BEAUTIFUL place like a quiet Amsterdam…. ate a burger in the blazing sun, talked to some locals, made friends with an amazing 80odd yr old guy working a market stall, checked out all the epic cycle routes in Delft, had a ladybird chilling on me for ages, sorted meeting Lew & Frand, popped into a random bar – the owner was a longboarder – WHEY! free beer – cheers! showed me his prototype under board lights systems he is designing and building – awesome. More beers, all skated to Risjwik. Bench chill & uke sesh. Went to Dans!  Epic Chinese & beers.
Good day!!!!


Day 7 Risjwik – The Hague – Sassenheim

I was going to catch a bus because I thought I should rest more … but decided to skate to The Hague … then it snowballed from there & I did the full day.


Brew, shower, BOSS, cruise to Sick Longboards, spent about an hour looking at boards, bought a million t shirts – spent like 400 Euros between us – woops! Indian bread baji thing with sauce in a bag, Coconut water, Chill in the park, uke sesh, zipwire, Huge posh houses, Thatching a roof, crazy ladders! Got rained on, couldn’t find inconcrete, tea room, let us stack up our bags and boards – loved us, hellish awesome bagels, fresh mint tea, root beer, chilled skate with music, free wifi today everywhere, graff bridge, almost got ped-ed from behind, rough suicide ped in front, camp lady offered to bake us brekkie and fresh squeezed OJ – orders IN. she baked us fresh pizzas for tea. NOM. guy pushed in the queue and got denied lol. cheap beers….  VOF camping.


Day 8 – Sassenheim – Amsterdam

Lew stinking the showers out, dressing gown guy, fresh croissants ham/cheese/chocolate, through Sass to the tulip fields! Lew stacked it, hitting his head. Crashed wheels with Frand. Rolled through the tulip fields, Frand off roading, Garmin motorway, crazy full pipe tunnel, turbo burger egg and chips,  grape fanta, watched planes, IDGAF tractor, send some f*cking postcaaaaaaards! little electric car lol, Frand off curb watching plane, woman fell over and fruit exploded everywhere, we all ran to help her (tie wrap was wrapped around her ankle!) pineapple thank yous! Vondelpark, singing dancing people, the sesh, houseboat guy was at a party so we had to meet him tomorrow to pay him, picked up Alex, made mega carbonara, pure in the way at the supermarket looking for cream, went for a walk.


Chilled in Amsterdam for a few more days, general shenanigans including crate of beer skate and a bunch of kids skating about with us in the night around the park, plus the night in Lost in Amsterdam & the rave which shall never be remembered in full by anyone.