Feeling the need to skate with others and spread stoke we checked the calender.

With a full moon on the horizon and the perfect new location to skate into the night and hold a party without the campsite fees or the worry of disturbing others, we set the date: 20th – 22nd May.

Arrive Friday, skate Saturday all day into the night, party and skate Sunday… Sorted!

Frands hammock enticed everyone…

Old and new faces arrived on Friday, including a massive Scottish invasion (hats off to Katya who persevered a 12/13 hour trip from London!) and by the time we’d all hugged, fist bumped, put tents up and cracked a beer it was clear everyone was hyped, bloody lovely and it was gonna be a great weekend.

Taking shelter from the rain under a tree, the drinks went down easy as we took on the challenge of the slippery slackline in walking boots. Then a late visit to the local pub in time for last orders before heading back to light the fire. After a failed attempt to beat Oli at table football we called it a night.

The rain continued throughout the night and we woke to the persistent sound of pattering on the tent.

We dashed inside the YHA for a hot shower and a sturdy full English, by the time we were clean and stuffed, the rain had eased. We packed up and after brief drive we arrived to a dry Thrill Hill.

We managed to sneak in a 45minute sesh and just as everyone was getting used to the grippy steep surface the rain hit with force.

An hour later, soaked to the bone and enjoying the excessive distance we were sliding into each 20-25% hairpin. The sun began to shine from under the weight of the heavy clouds and it wasn’t long till the patchy conditions became challenging. A few riders continued to battle through the patch but it wasn’t without worthy bails.

Literally going from rivers to patch to bone dry within the hour, it was hard for most to gain control in the dry again. David Lewis’ board taking flight from corner three was a memorable moment for most as it flew ½ mile in height and distance soaring into the bracken.

Jose busting out a fast, wheel squealing, rail grabbing, squat on corner one was rad to watch and without a doubt wins best trick.

Jose Reyes winning best trick!

Tiredness was beginning to set in with everyone taking shed loads of runs and marching straight back up the hill. Energy levels running low, only a few carried on smashing runs while the others sat back enjoying the sunshine.


Radek taking multiple slams found his match on corner three taking out his ankle, quick to the scene was combat medic and all round nice guy Craig Reed who assessed the situation and whipped him off to hospital without hesitation.

Craig Reed to the rescue

Time to move on. Supplies purchased for an evening of wild camping, beers and skateboarding we drove to the Yorkshire Dales.

Five miles away from ‘Dippy Eggs’ we reached the brow of a fast run, recently skated, to find it has been resurfaced with chip seal.

A hill we had skated two weeks ago with the same perfectly smooth surface as ‘Dippy’ was now ruined. Our hearts sank as we continued driving towards the perfect spot we had organised the whole trip around just hoping the surface there would still be okay but knowing that it had probably been resurfaced too.

Our fear was real… DESTROYED! Driving down the secluded, spotable, perfect corners we congregated at the bottom of the hill, dwelled on destroyed dreams, cracked a beer, poured a wine, setup tents and began relaxing.


Alfie Marsh keener than keen took to the freshly chip sealed hill to test it, stones flying from beneath his wheels he hung on for around 8 runs of grueling disappointment and impressed us with his skill to stay on his board and determination to not leave a hill un-skated.

Alfie not giving up

There was some good news as Radek returned with a sprained ankle instead of a break and plaster cast.

Two fires were started, one to gaze at and a separate one in the centre of a spectacular rock formation perfect for drying shoes, gloves and any other wet item from the mornings down pour.


Congregating we discussed Sunday’s hill, our Google drive ‘Road Bible’ proving useless with no signal for miles. We described another hill in the vicinity of un-skated, gnarly, awesomeness and everyone seemed stoked to hit it. Sorted.

Carrying on into the evening, glow sticks and sparklers appeared and Craig performed some wizardry turning the fire a whole array of colours, the full moon revealed itself from behind deep cloud in the early hours. As the fire dampened down, beers were finished and we called it a night before the sun started to rise.


Sunday greeted us with glorious sunshine and a rapidly rising temperature in the tent. We brewed up, put the bacon on then hit the road.

The hill was a challenge but by the third run everyone was hooning. With the sun shining we got copious runs in and those struggling got progressively better and by the end were taking clean runs. David and Frand got comfortable throwing out squats, style for days.

Overall a truly memorable weekend a massive thanks to everyone who came out to play and share their love for skateboarding.

The event video produced by Alfie Marsh is here:

See you on a hill soon!