Skate to Escape

Pack a bag & go skate

Twenty Sketchteen

Hermz’s Skates she sketched this year, ft. airbourne cos too inside, freshies of fail, skals collapsing arm, corner snuggles plus a cheeky clip from last November because hail skate was too fun.


Lewis joins the Sk8bites team

Lewis joined the Sk8bites team at the start of December and takes you on a fun run from Day 2 of Xtreme Valley Vernio.


Calais to Amsterdam Anti Blog

This is not a blog.

This is basically all the random scribblings we made throughout our trip in the map book, which probably make no sense but ….

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Coast to Coast

Tregaron Freeride 2016

We went down to Wales at the start of July for Brianne Collective’s ‘Tregaron Freeride’.

A fun closed road event, well organised with lots of runs and camping at the hill.

Xtreme Valley Vernio – Trashed wheel fun

Ride along with Hermione at Xtreme Valley Vernio on some chilled runs with trashed wheels 🙂


Skate to Escape’s Full Moon Party

Feeling the need to skate with others and spread stoke we checked the calender.

With a full moon on the horizon and the perfect new location to skate into the night and hold a party without the campsite fees or the worry of disturbing others, we set the date: 20th – 22nd May.

Arrive Friday, skate Saturday all day into the night, party and skate Sunday… Sorted!

Frands hammock enticed everyone…

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Fumble in the Valley 2016 Raw Run

Lewis took a run of Fumble in the Valley filmed by Ry Swanton

Velefique Freeride 2015 – Sketch to Escape

In September we went to Z&G Skatehouse in Spain.
First stop was Velefique Freeride for pack runs, sketch & fun.

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